Bhagavad Ramanuja

A great visionary, philosopher, social revolutionary, store house of human qualities, miracle man who showed vaikunta in earth, humanitarian social reformer, who made srivashnava mode of life as people’s way of life, showed equality among all, made harijans to enter into the temples and worship the lord, The path finder showing love beyond all caste, creed & languages, The creator of a huge lake for the drinking water purpose, The kripasagara who preached the ‘Thirumandhiram’ by climbing on top of the Thirukoshtiyur temple for the welfare of all of us. Swamy Ramanuja gave divine Changu & Chakra to Lord Venkateshwara(Thirumala). The man who had such Universal qualities and thoughts celebrated his 1000th year birth anniversary by 2017.

The devotees of Swamy Ramanuja in SALEM decided to build historical and glorious “Swamy Ramanuja 1000th year Mani Mandap” (Memorial) with blessing of divine couple and Acharya Purushas.

For this we identified and bought 3.0 Acres of land surrounded by hiils on three sides abetting a big lake reminding us Thondanur.

It is just 4.5km from SALEM old Bus Stand and 1.5 kms from Atthur Bye-pass road near Erumaplayam. This is a wonderful scenic location which can be reached within 15 minutes from SALEM town bus stand.

We managed to buy the land by collecting donations from Asthikas, building has been built leaving a few more things to be done.

The Mani Mandapam is located at the foothill of Jarugu Malai (the name Jarugu perhaps refers to Sarugu சருகு in Tamil which refers to Dharbai தர்ப்பை in Sanskrit – which is an essential ingredient of Vedic Yagnyas. The place is located near a small hillock called சன்யாசி குன்று which has now become சன்யாசி குண்டு.) Is it possible that the Sanyasi is none other than Bagwad Ramanuja, who is said to have passed through Kongu Nadu on his way to Melkote from Srirangam? Is it possible that Ramanuja was so enamoured of this location and decided to come back in Archa form to this place?

The construction of the Mani Mandapam is mostly complete. However some of the additional facilities planned remain incomplete. To do the remaining works, we seek your donations. Please donate as much as you can, so that the project can be completed to its fullness. Please donate and get blessings of Swamy Ramanuja.

Latest Pictures:

  • Auditor Sriraman being honoured by Chinna Jeer Swami

Mangalasasanam by Guruji Gopalavalli Dasar:

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